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Tim Bosque’s Hobbies, Volunteerism, and Life Goals

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Tim Bosque is a retired teacher from Marin County, California, currently living in New York City. While Bosque may not be teaching anymore, he spends his days giving back to his community and helping others, values he has held since he was young. In addition, Bosque participates in numerous hobbies to enrich his life.

Bosque has a strong faith and believes in working with ministries to perform good for those who are less fortunate than he is. He served as a youth group leader for the Saint Isabella Parish from 1986 to 2008. Currently, Bosque focuses on giving back to his community in New York City by partnering with a ministry. He works in homeless shelters to provide safe places to sleep and live for the city’s large homeless population. Bosque also works in the soup kitchen, serving as head chef and giving out over 1,600 hot meals each week.

Bosque was a football coach as well as a math teacher during his career, and maintains a strong passion for the sport. In his free time, Bosque tries to play footballs as much as he can. He also plays softball and basketball during the weekends. Being from Northern California, Bosque enjoys keeping up with his favorite Bay Area teams. A few teams that he enjoys include the San Francisco 49ers, the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco Giants, and the Oakland Athletics.

Tim Bosque hopes to continue his volunteer work well into the future. In his retirement, Bosque wants to find a way to help as many people as much as he can. He hopes to live each day to the fullest, spend time with his family, and help many people along the way.