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What Makes Tim Bosque an Exceptional Math Tutor?

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Tim Bosque understands how difficult math can be for many students. Yet he doesn’t believe only some people have a “math brain.” He knows that with the right teaching strategy, patience, and insights, anyone can learn even the highest levels of mathematics. Tim has taught math for over 26 years, after receiving a college degree in mechanical engineering. He has honed his teaching and tutoring skills over the years and knows exactly how to break a concept down for each student. His teaching strategy involves the following:

  1. Analysis. Tim knows effectively teaching math depends on the ability to measure a student’s grasp of the subject matter. He starts each tutoring session with an analysis of the student’s current comprehension of the material.
  2. Questions. Then, Tim asks the student deep, probing questions to glean insights into the understanding of topics and math standards. The questions he asks gets students to figure out how to solve new problems.
  3. Mistakes. Next, Tim focuses on potential pitfalls. He uses his experience in the field to point out some of the most common math mistakes to students. That way, they know what to avoid and what not to do. Avoiding mistakes helps to build confidence, which Tim believes is critical to success in math.

Tim Bosque knows how to fill in gaps in fundamental math for building blocks for success. He also uses real-life examples to help students grasp difficult concepts. Tim wants to make a positive difference in students’ lives through overcoming math challenges.

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